Internet Piracy, yarrr!

24 03 2009


        In Dr. Strangelove’s book, “The Empire of Mind”, he discusses how internet piracy have affected the world economy and advertising. I totally agree with him. It is true. People who download music, movies, programs, etc. are literally stealing. I’m no saint. I do it too. It’s much more convenient and most importantly, cost-free. In a capitalist society such as ours, we always try to get everything for the cheapest price possible, because we run our lives based on our finances. Everything’s dependant on how much we earn yearly. I remember seeing shadowy people selling bootleg films and such under bridges, in alleys, or wherever the police would not bother coming to sniff about. According to Russel G.  Smith from the Australian Institute of Criminology, in 1993, software worth a net total of $7.4 billion was lost in piracy. Wny should people feel obliged to pay for something that they could get for free? Many lw suits have been made, however, 75% of the world’s internet users cannot be prosecuted. It is one those things that the economy has to deal with.




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