Who is Condoriano?

        My name’s Rami “Haidar” Samir Haidar and this is an assignment for CMN2170.
        There was a cartoon show that my friends and I used to watch when we were kids. In this show, there was a character called Captain Shepherd. He was a total idiot. At one point in the show, he was referred to as Condoriano. And, since I fit the profile, my friends decided to call me Condoriano and it stuck. 
        I’m originally from Southern Lebanon. I come from a little village near the Palestinian borders called Ainata. To me, it’s the most beautiful place in the world! However, I was not born there. I was born in Dubai. I was actually born on the desert planes surrounding Dubai.
        Back in 1988, my parents went to the dunes with friends to practise falconry. My mother was pregnant at the time and it was time for me to come to the world. They were about twenty miles away from the nearest hospital, but a group of bedouins or gypsies who resided in the desert who helped my mother get through it.
        I lived in the United Arab Emirates for about forteen years of my life. My family and I moved to Montreal when I was about fifteen. We stayed in Montreal for five years and in 2008, we moved to Ottawa. So.. Here I am! I’ve probably said more about me than necessary. Now..Tell me about who YOU are :)

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15 01 2009
Dr. Strangelove

Very cool start to life!

Dr. Strangelove

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