24 03 2009


        I finally came to my senses and realized what I will discuss in my first blog.I decided to share something with you all that I do during my leisure time and also do very passionately. When I’m not at school, the majority of my time is spent following the rave scene. A rave is word used for a big party where dance and electronic music is played.  I have been raving for the past five years of my life and I have witnessed the culture of this scene grow to accommodate to the many pleasures of all types of people. At first, when the term “raving” is heard people are inclined to think of dark, underground, after-hours, and more obviously, the use of drugs. Those are all common stereotypes and assumptions of the rave scene; however, the other side of it is the gathering of people, who share a common interest in listening to the beautiful sounds of electronic music where genres such as house, trance, tribal, and progressive tunes are played by talented artists know as Dj’s. .


        Most rave events are located in Montreal, Quebec in massive venues such as The Bell Center, Le Palais De Congrès (Montreal’s congress center), and The Olympic Stadium. The three main events held in Montreal are Bal En Blanc, Black and Blue, and Resolution. The event I most recently, attended was Resolution. This party took place from 9pm to 10am the next day. The idea behind this specific event is to have a celebration on New Year’s Eve an attendance of approximately seven thousand people, held at The Bell Center. However, this year’s Resolution event occurred on New Year’s Day.


        At this year’s Resolution, there was a great emphasis put on the usage of communication technology such as cell phones. Ravers constantly used their cell phones to capture video footage of certain memorable moments that they wanted to keep and share with others later on. Ravers also use websites such as YouTube to share their experience with the world. I must admit that the only time I really ever use YouTube is to find and watch clips of what fellow ravers captured.  The moment I see a clip of a rave I had attended, it instantly takes me back to the exact moment of that party. One tends to recollect and relive the very feeling and sensation experienced at the rave. The same idea applies when re-listening to tracks that were played by the Dj at the rave. Because video cameras are forbidden in these events, I believe YouTube has created a form of communication allowing others to see what occurs in today’s rave events such as Resolution. This widespread accessibility not only occurs in regards to rave events, it also takes place in the music industry overall. People are capable of using their camera phones to film certain moments during the party whether it is in a concert, musical, or live play. I find that it is a great way of sharing through the various means of communication and media technology. This not only applies for the people who view the video and were present to savour the moment, Moreover, its purpose is to use today’s advanced technology to inform and widen the horizons of people around the world who also have access to the internet and entertainment websites and who may not be aware of the amusement factor that raves encompass.