All Your Blog Are Belong to Us

24 03 2009


        Who hasn’t heard of the famous slogan from the Japanese vieo game, Zero Wing, “All Your Base are Belong to Us”? lt is one of those internet phenomenons that will linger forever. The game was poorly translated, because the company, Taoplan, rushed its production for the European market. The phrase was originally popularized and was given attention by “Something Awful” forums; a website which shares a very similar concept and purpose of — pure humor. Over the years, people have printed this slogan on shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, and even utilized this phrase in their everyday lives. From Rick Asley’s Rickroll oto the 2 Girls 1 Cup video; from Numa Numa to “THIS IS SPARTAAA!”, these sorts of phenomenons mark important points in the history of the internet. We’d expect to see more and more of these vyral videos nowadays as people have come well-aware of how such things could bring out some sort of fame that spreads like wildfire across the globe.