Think Obama – “Yes, You Can!”

24 03 2009


        Ever since President Barack Obama has been eected or even way before that — back when he was just in the elections, people saw change through him. Change for a better world. He became the first black President in the history of the United States. He is different from the other black senators, because he was not trying to become a President of Black America. He was quite democratic and paid equal attention to both parties which form the United States as a whole. Through him, the media have channelled so many advertisements and he became much more than a president to the world. His face could now be seen on shirts and other kinds of apparel. He is a form of Postmodernism. Such change have affected, not only the lives of Americans, but the lives of many peoples all over the globe. Being elected was a big step for a brighter future for many other countries who were influenced and affected by him winning the elections.