“It’s all about your Status, baby!”

24 03 2009

        Apparently, people are now hooking up and dumping one another on Facebook. All it takes to let your so-called friend, life partner, or whatever, is to either change your relationship status or delete them off your Friends’ List. People are avoiding confrontation nowadays, however the drama is still evident. From poking, to sending gifts, to spamming..It’s endless. It’s just modernized now. On the other hand, despite the fact that relationships, friendships, and such still exist, people are much less connected to one another in real life. Facebook is but another medium to ease yourself out of a messy relationship or get rid of somebody’s consistent whining, regardless of being a friend or more. In a 2004 Public Opinion Research poll, more than 62% of teenagers in Japan use Facebook to end some sort of a relationship. It is much more convenient back there. People tend to care much about “losing face” than anywhere else in the world. This, however, is turning out to become a problem. Relationships in families and with relatives are becoming much more fragile. People do not need to visit one another to check on one another anymore. All they have to do is look at their pictures and comment at one another’s status. The visual advantage that Facebook provides is much more influental than, let’s say, the usage and impact of the telephone. Some experts say that the introduction of the VideoTalk on chellphones will have a stronger impact as well. At some point, people will seriously not find it necessary to go out of their homes to do anything. Life is becoming too convenient and it is not for our own good.


WoW Finals

24 03 2009

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Funny thing is, I never thought that this sort of thing was possible. I never thought that people would make a big deal out of a game to air some world-wide tournament on the Korean television channels. It all started with Starcraft. Another hit game by Blizzard Entertainment which was so popular in Asia that companies began sponsoring kids who played it and got them to challenge one another in tournaments live on television. It was quite the new trend bac in 1998, however it’s not that much of a big deal anymore. People go to these shows and watch two people destory one another from their computers. In the case of World of Warcraft, it’s more of a teamsport. With the introduction of a new Player  vs. Player system known as the Arena, players were able to create teams for organized manslaughter. They would ravage each other for Arena points and of course, a rating. In this video, the top two teams in the world fight each other for a reward of $30, 000 dollars. It’s a large sum of money, but the publicity these guys are getting is huge, and the publicity that Blizzard is getting out of this is much much bigger. This isn’t the ordinary purchase-the-game-and-play. It’s a Pay-to-Play game on a monthly basis. The money that Blizzard is generating out of the millions of people playing WoW across the world is unreal. My friends, Germain 24, Aftab, 23, and TJ 22, have an Arena Team as well. They’ve told me that not only do you have to pay like the rest of the world to play the game, but you have to pay for the Arena Team to enter the world tournaments. At the moment, their team “We Gave Up on Girlz” is rated at 200th in the world and they’re playing daily to raise their ranking. Germain says that one day they will get there and hopefully get a chance to brawl with the big dogs, SK Gaming and HON.

World of WarCrack

24 03 2009

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        Here is my friend, Adam, falling asleep while playing the most popular Massive-Multiplayer game, World of Warcraft. Not only did he fall asleep, but he continues to control his character while sleeping! An internet survey was made in 2008 of WoW gamers and more than 80% of them (Seven million at the time) spend over six hours in the game everyday. I, myself used to spend approximately that much time everyday. It’s fun, especially when you’ve got friends to play together with. The feeling of progress and most importantly, e-peen, your reputation in the game, is what keeps us playing for hours and hours. I’ve quit a long long time ago. Last time I played was about fifteen months ago, and it was the best decision I ever made. WoW was like work for some of us. You go into the game and there you are, mining, knitting, blacksmithing, and what not. But, it was fun. You made money in the game and increased your power over all. The survey also found that most people play WoW for the feelings of success and progression that it provides its players with. Most people reach a dead-end at some point in their lives, but in a game like WoW, it never ends. Anybody can progress and develop, however the speed at which you can achieve things vary. That’s why people play more and more. It is addictive, because you always feel the need to get this or that item in the game no matter how long it’ll take. And, when you get it, you’ll enjoy it and show it off for a couple of days until you start to realize that everybody now has it. And then, the developers from Blizzard Entertainment create a new tier of items..And, you’ve got to start all over again. It’s a never-ending process.

Condoriano’s Video Released!

25 02 2009

Finally! We’ve managed to finish making our video about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict which took so much time despite the fact that I’ve experienced much of what can be found in scholarly books and articles. The main issue is that most books seem to ignore the one thing that I strenuously strive to pursue. Palestine is 100% Arabic! Every single writer seems to be hoping for peace. Don’t get me wrong. I want peace. My people want peace, but  we want it to be on OUR terms. We will hold on to our rights till the day we leave this world. The land has always been an Arab land.

People seem to overgeneralize and assume that the Arabs are war-fanatic, women-domineering, hate-loving people. Oh, and of course..Ignorant. I’m sorry to break this up to you, but you’re the one to be labeled as ignorant if you don’t know that the Arabs were a great, intellectual, and noble race. But, yes. It has all changed. I’ll come back to this point later. Anyway, we do not hate anybody. We are just desperate to claim what has been taken from us.

Why should it be us who must pay for the mistakes and crimes of the Nazis and the major Antisemitism in Europe? Why should it be the Arabs that have to lose their land, their families, their entire lives, their entire identities for somebody else’s cruelty? We did not cause the Holocaust, nor did we ever wish for it to happen. In fact, before the occupation of Palestine, Arab Muslims and Christians co-existed with Jewish immigrants from all over the world in peace. They flourished in Palestine whereas they were getting prosecuted elsewhere in Europe.

In this video, we try to go over much of the misconceptions surrounding this topic, however we could not go over the time limit (Which in fact, we did). I could discuss this topic until my throat gets sore, but I know after all, that nothing can possibly change. Back to that point which I wanted to discuss earlier. The main reason for our downfall as a nation is bad leadership. All they ever do is pursue their own benefit and neglect their people. The people are awake and their hearts are being torn with guilt, however the political figures that are supposed to represent our voices to the rest of the world, are not doing so. All they do is give in to humility, give up on our rights and not fight for them, as well as give the rest of the world the power to control us mindlessly.

It is pathetic and very frustrating, but what can we do? I’m not Palestinian, but I’m Lebanese. By saying so, that does not mean that it is none of my business. ANY Arab is family to me. We should stop thinking individually and start thinking about the collective — about the future. Our future lies in a unity. It lies in one strong regime. However, as much as this sounds like a childish dream, it is really what I would ultimately give away my life for. It is impossible though. The leadership in our countries are corrupted and I can’t blame the world for not seeing us for who we really are. We are being mis-represented daily by advantageous figures of authority who do not fight for our rights and most importantly, our dignity as a nation.

The typical reader would probably assume that I am fueled with anger and possibly, just a walking time-bomb. Frankly, I am angry. I am angry with the direction in which we keep on being led towards. We must take the reins for good and make one hell of a come back. I do not call for war. I do not call for endless bloodshed and manslaughter, but I call for a resolution and a new beginning — a Coup d’état. Yes, yes..Another childish dream, but hey..at least I can keep on dreaming and visualizing how and what we could become.

Hiroshige, God Bless Thou!

24 01 2009

It’s been about three months ever since I ate some quality sushi. I went last night with a bunch of friends after an amazing night of Counter-Strike. I’ll tell you this: The Arab in me awakened lol (Well, I am an Arab, so technically it’s permissible for me to make fun of my own race). I whooped their butt cheeks royally, lollersk8s. It’s all fun and games anyway.

We ate so much that the servers started pouring us green tea to tone down our appetites, tee hee! I ate ten Spicy Crispy Salmon Hand Rolls, about three Salmon Sashimi, three Mackerel Sashimi, thirteen Spicy Crispy Salmon Sushi, hmmm…four other pieces that I did not recognize, but they tasted great, so whatever, lol; two Shrimp Tempura (Not a big fan of these; too much cholesterol). I also ate a lot more, but I don’t really recall, because at some point, we were just killing ourselves to finish our order, hehehe.

We went back to my mate’s house, played some cards, made a couple of Tarot readings for the gals (the guys were “too cool” to be interested, rofl…), and that’s pretty much it. I left, went back, and crashed on the couch. Woke up, %@$!ed up. How was your weekend? PS: And, I also did some reading too for Dr. Strangelove’s lecture, lol. You know I did! xD

Oh Em Gee!

21 01 2009

        Oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD! I’ve got the worst cold ever! It would be manageable, but I have to go to a play at 7 o’clock and it’s going to suck! Well, it’s going to suck anyway, lol. But, either way…I’m prepared. I’ve got two boxes of tissues here with me and I will cry (blow) my heart (my nose) out with the upcoming suspense and drama, lulz!

Obama at Rotunda

20 01 2009

        I was sent an e-mail like every other student about Obama’s presidential ceremony which was to be displayed on a big screen somewhere on campus. So, I went with a friend, because he wanted to go. I did not. Anyway, I was surprised by the number of people that actually went to see the ceremony. I’m not referring to the people in the States, but to the people at the university.

        There were about two-hundred people all pushing and squeezing their way to get a clear view of the screen. My friend and I were one of those people. We watched the ceremony and it was great. It really was, but it’s no different from any other presidential ceremony: too many promises and ambitions that fuel the masses with optimism and hope for a better future. Anyway, this is not about my political standpoint, but about the rest of the crowd that was around me. People were seriously involved; cheering for Obama and boo’ing at Bush. Well, I just wonder if any of those students would give a damn about the Canadian elections.

        I felt like I was in the States and not among the people of independent Canada. Why did this happen? Why such a strong involvement? Please help me understand.